PHYS6810E 2018

Room 4504, Lift 25-26; Saturdays 9:30AM - 12:20PM, Spring Term, 2018

Textbook: Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell.

Plan: Note that the week counts are very rough estimates.

  • Week 1-2: I will very quickly go through Book One. They correspond to the physics that I assume that you know already, including Newtonian gravity, rotation, action principle, symmetry and conservation, electromagnetism and special relativity.

  • Week 3-4: Part V – Equivalence principle and curved spacetime

  • Week 5-6: Part VI – Einstein’s field equation

  • Week 7-8: Part VII – Black holes

  • Week 9-10: Part VIII – Introduction to our universe

  • Week 11-12: Part X – Gravitational waves, and other contents if we still have time.

In addition, there may be about two guest lectures on related research progress.

Grading: There will be of order 5 assignments and a final exam. There is no midterm exam. The grade will be determined by (assignments) x 40% + (final) x 60%.

Lecture notes: The lecture notes are be brief and the textbook is referred to for details.

Assignments: To be released.

Mathematica Programming lectures (2018) Slides and resources for Mathematica Programming lectures. Content: Usages as an Advanced Calculator Rule Based Programming Functional Programming Numerical Calculation Scope and Package Display and FrontEnd Tensors and General Relativity Mathematica Programming lectures (2014) Slides for the Mathematica short course at Cambridge (2014). Content: Rules, functional programming, numerical calculation, scope, package, FrontEnd, MathGR How to do GR in Mathematica? There are in general two ways to do GR in Mathematica:

We introduce topics in cosmology as in the syllabus below.

Expected math background: calculus, some basic knowledge about mathematical methods in physics such as differential equations and Fourier transform.

Expected physics background: general physics, some basic knowledge about special relativity, quantum mechanics, thermal and statistical physics.

General relativity will neither be a prerequisite nor being taught in detail in this course (though we will briefly introduce the idea of general relativity to give you a feeling).